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Lightly Used Pianos
Interested in selling your used piano? Whitesel Charlottesville Piano is always looking for clean, like-new used pianos, whether spinets, consoles, studio uprights, or grand pianos. The price we pay for your used piano is dependent upon brand, size, age, condition and length of use. Our price includes delivery from your home to our store. To see if we’re interested in your piano, please call us at 434-296-8886, or send us an email by using the link, below.


Steinway Grand Pianos Wanted
Since the mainstay of our business is the restoration and sales of vintage Steinway Grand Pianos, and other fine grand pianos, we are always on the lookout for these instruments. If you have an old Steinway Grand Piano and would like to sell your instrument, please call us at 434-296-8886 for a quote, or send us an email. Please provide a description of your Steinway Grand Piano (length, finish, model number, and serial number, and condition of case, soundboard, and ability of the instrument to hold a tune). If we buy your piano, we will pay for the shipping cost to our store. Please note that we purchase vintage Steinway Grand Pianos from anywhere in the world!

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