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The Revolutionary Physis Piano

The must-have digital piano for acoustic pianists and professional musicians. The future of digital piano technology awaits you... 

The heart of Physis Piano is a technology based on the creation of complex mathematical algorithms able to simulate with absolute fidelity the dynamics of the physical and acoustic phenomena that generate the sound of a specific instrument. Physis is not only a physical model of a grand piano. Seven years of research by three world-class Italian universities and an outstanding team of engineers and musicians from all over the world have worked together to develop the first musical instrument where different physical models coexist in order to play some of the instruments that have made music history over the last few decades. Thanks to the expressive possibilities of Physis Piano, the user not only has complete control of the physical sound, but also unlimited customizations. It’s possible to create one’s own grand piano by modifying its length, its resonance, the morphology of the hammers, the properties of the string, and much more... or to configure one’s own electric piano by defining the position of the transducers or the size of the tone bar. All this is possible thanks to the stunning computational power that is able to perform 24 billion operations per second. Physis Piano’s elegant design stems from an innovative and ergonomic tablet-style interface featuring an exclusive multi-touch, backlit black-glass panel with high-resolution graphic display. The interface can be totally customized and configured by the user according to his/her needs.

Physis Piano

An explanation of Physis Technology and Physical Modeling

Physis Piano

A deeper look into the incredible sound generation and editing parameters of Physis Technology

Physis Piano

A tutorial of the mallet voice editing parameters

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