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Manufactured for Home, Studio, and Institutions.


This stunning Yamaha G2 grand piano not only boasts outstanding tonal properties but also envelops you in a lovely, rich, and pure tone with a beautifully responsive action. The G2 isn't just any piano—it's a harmonious blend of quality and affordability with a warm and inviting tone.


Built with the same precision and attention to detail as the Yamaha C2, the G2 offers a remarkable playing experience without breaking the bank. Its power is perfectly balanced for those moments when you want to play louder without sacrificing clarity. Truly, the G2 is a grand piano designed to resonate with the most discerning pianists. 


The G2 is classified as a 'performance grade' within the Whitesel Piano Usage and Purpose Scale. It's quality craftsmanship features include a Solid Spruce Soundboard, meticulously crafted with Duplex Scaling and a Yamaha's Signature V-Pro Plate. With three pedals—Sustain, Sostenuto, and Soft—the G2 opens up a world of expressive possibilities normal found on concert grands.


Nestled in the middle of the pedal trio, it adds a touch of magic to your playing. Unlike the sustain pedal that holds all notes, the Sostenuto pedal selectively sustains only the notes pressed at the moment it's engaged. This means you can artfully shape your music by choosing which tones to sustain, offering a nuanced and distinctive effect. Look out with other grand pianos, as the middle pedal is not always a true sostenuto!


So, explore the joy of playing piano in your home on this exquisite Yamaha G2 'Whitesel Performance Grade' Grand Piano—a piano that doesn't just meet expectations but exceeds them, making every keystroke a delightful experience. This difficult to find Walnut Satin finish won't last long, so call our friendly and dedicated piano consultants for more information, or purchase now in our easy-to-use online piano store!

Yamaha Grand G2 5'-8" Walnut Satin finish

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