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钢琴动作起价为 349.00 美元



里程:如果距离 DC Metro、Richmond、Charlottesville 和 Harrisonburg 的本地区域超过 25 英里,往返行程加 1 美元/英里。


连续 6 个或更多的楼梯台阶:每层 50 美元——如果需要额外的搬运工,则增加 100 美元。


在草地上绕着房子走:小型钢琴 50 美元,三角钢琴和立式三角钢琴 150 美元


电梯服务:7 层 50 美元。


4 小时或更长时间的长途搬家,需要 2 个搬运工,每小时收费 140 美元。请参阅地图链接了解计费时间,

在每个地点加 1 小时进行打包和拆包。

Studio  $349

Digital Pianos   $349

Cabinet Grand 50" - 56"  $449

Spinet  36 - 40"  $349

Square Grand  $549

Console 40" - 44"  $349

Studio 45" - 52"  $349

Grand 5' - 6'8"  $449

Concert Grand 7' - 9'  $549

For 116 years and through 3 generations in the same family, Whitesel Charlottesville Piano Moving has safely moved thousands of pianos. Ashland, Ruther Glen, Hanover, Montpelier, Bowling Green and more are within our local territory.  


Your upright piano is being moved from Richmond, Virginia to Fredericksburg, Virginia, only 4 steps at each location –

Base cost upright: $349.00
Mileage = 100 or $100.00
Total cost: $449.00



Your baby grand piano is being moved locally in Richmond, Charlottesville, or Northern Virginia DC Metro area. There are 6 porch steps at one location.

Base cost grand piano: $449.00
1 flight of 6 steps: $50.00
Total cost: $499.00


For local moves, usually 10 days notice is sufficient. For regional moves, please book your move at least three weeks in advance.

Local, Regional, National

We can move your piano anywhere in the world! We move pianos locally and regionally using our own truck and our own professional moving staff. Our territory goes from southern New Jersey south to Columbia, SC, and west to eastern KY. For moves outside our region, we use our store as a pick-up or delivery point for cross-country movers that specialize in pianos only including Walter Piano Transport and Keyboard Carriage.

Whitesel Charlottesville Piano 

634 Rio Road W, Charlottesville, VA 22901
434.296.8886  Fax 434-296-8890

Harrisonburg Piano & Organ Showroom

1890 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, VA 22801


​Music in Ashland Virginia

Randolph-Macon College music department offers major and minor degrees in Music including piano, voice and instrumental music. Graduates go on to pursue vocations in music education, music therapy, music management, church music, and music retail. For more information go to

For fine musical performances in Ashland, VA, including concerts, movies, speakers and presentations, visit the Ashland Theater. Info at

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